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Laughing, she said, Ok, my not so little boy get out of here before I do something I'll regret I love you Mom, I whispered as I adjusted my softening penis and left the room. When I went back to the living room, I saw my father come through the entrance door.

Seeing me, he waved and walked down the hall to the bedroom, taking his clothes off as he went. I knew he hated being dressed at home and got naked as quick as he could. I heard the bedroom door close and thought, boy is he in for a surprise.

He looked at the room and his heart beat faster. Red sheets were neatly laid on the bed; four huge handbags were perched on a dresser table with a big tray of make-up; three Jewelry boxes were opened on a stool near the bed; the wardrobes were filled with clothes. And the memories hit him like a bitch- his parents had told him she was coming the previous day during dinner. And he remembered why he forgot- he was staring at her mother's cleavage in a tank top while she was informing him.

He slapped his forehead and closed his eyes.

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