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Then the s started hitting the fan, one day he came home s faced and in a bad mood, I asked him what was wrong but he refused to tell me, we had a great big row, then he told me had played cards and lost what little money he had. I railed at him, called him a stupid fool, and worse, I called him a fucking loser, that really got his back up and he rushed at me, he got me against the wall, elbow across my throat and fist raised, I was terrified. Somehow he didn't hit me, if I had been asked to bet on whether he would or wouldn't, I would have bet everything I possessed on it.

He took my money from my bag and left, he was even worse when he got home, he could hardly stand, talk about drunk. He went straight to bed with help from me, and I knew it was time for the serious talk we were heading for.

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